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Over the years people go to the market to shop. Here, we go grocery shopping every day to get fresh food for the day. There are types of markets available: traditional and modern market. In traditional market, lots of legal and illegal vendors selling their specialties in bargaining price in the open space area that easy to access with neighborhood friendly as the appeals. In each town, there is a traditional central market located in the centre of the town as a focal point of economy activities that creates a format of its own culture. There are also several local markets spread out in the city to support the neighborhood which usually open from 4am to 7am. In addition, there are also particular markets such as fish, meat or fruit market in certain area.

Although traditional markets have changed over the years but the standard of cleanness environment seems difficult to achieve. Then comes modern market in supermarket format as an alternative, spaces indoor area with comfortable atmosphere make it gathering place for just about everyone not just to shop but also eat, relax or just fell a coolness of the aircon , but usually more expensive.

With the city development growth rapidly along with housing estate without a perfect transportation support plan, some people including me have difficulty to reach even the nearest neighborhood market without spending more than few hours back and forth just to get fresh food because public transportation is not available in particular location. It seems impossible to shop everyday without waste the time.

Thank to some traditional vendors who cleverly create a mobile market – with bicycle, motorcycle or car pass by my neighborhood every hour up to 10am every single day including holiday. Hence, I could save time by just calling them in. The only problem is, if I am not lucky enough, I couldn’t find vegetable or ingredient to cook – then just have whatever available in the mobile grocery shop.


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