I went to a seminar held by one of women magazines in Jakarta last Saturday. This so called “the magazine & friends” gathering was presenting a seminar about cancer. The topic was quite interesting but seemed not directed and prepared professionally by the EO which was the magazine itself though the presenters, the two doctors and a nurse were quite good. Why I said so? Here is the list:

First, one of the doctors who need to leave the seminar at 12pm to catch a flight back to Singapore started the presentation around 10.30pm. Not only that he needed to speed up his 30 minutes presentation but also was he subjected to only handle two questions from two lucky audiences.

Second, to attract people to come, the magazine had promised some gimmicks (DKNY watches & perfumes) for three best dressers from the audience, three best questions and a grand price of medical check up in Singapore. Well, three best dress – whatever: according to that magazine. But, three best questions: since when questions can be categorized good or bad? My noble teachers and lecturers have many times said that “don’t be afraid to ask questions because all questions are good.” So, in what standard that magazine stated the questions are good or bad.

Moreover, many from approx.100 audiences would like to ask questions but the time was limited so only eight who were chosen by the magazine had a chance to ask questions. Was it still fair to pick three winners over eight or even over many more who were eager to ask but didn’t have the opportunity?

Third, and again the grand price winner was chosen by the magazine from the very best question (??). At first, they didn’t know how to decide the winner but then they discussed it quietly, on the stage, in front of us… and the lucky person was the lady who already won the best dress. Why don’t they pick randomly based on our ticket number that had already been collected earlier before the seminar began? …hhmm, maybe not – sounds too fair…


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