Hang Clothes Out To Dry

Where do we actually hang our clothes out to dry after been washed?

Long time ago, back in the day where women delightful hanging clothes on the line, grouping things together by colours and size, catch any welcome breeze, describes of a peaceful childhood impression.

Nowadays, hanging clothes outside the house especially in the front yard or between elevated condos doesn’t look quite pleasant. The wet clothes are hidden in the enclosure corner that can hardly be seen. Some people don't need it anymore ever since it's replaced by drying machine because of sized apartment or time efficiency. However, for those who appreciate a sunny breeze and have spaces left over, still dedicate to hanging the laundry outside. Some are still persistent by displaying it in front of their house which creates unpleasant scenery for the neighbourhood; sorry to say but that's what commonly happens in my area.

Although showing your clothesline in a modern society seems displeasing but some spots like in Italy turn to be an interesting for tourist or photographer – blends with the unique character of the ancient city.


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