Queuing Up

Queuing up is where people stand in line wait for something or services – first come first served. People could become very angry when the unwritten rules of queuing are broken. I value this culture because it appreciates people, time and effort.

Months ago when I used a trial voucher from a fitness club in Semanggi, Jakarta, I was astonished by colourful bottles queuing up for a pilates class which available only for no more than 20 people in one session. I didn’t know that bottles are quite interested in pilates… well of course not because each bottles had owners who came 15 minutes later when the class was ready. Some of the members even had not yet reach the club when their friendly mates placed the bottles for them beforehand.

I could understand that queuing up can cause frustration and is time-consuming especially when we have no idea how long we are going to be stuck waiting for long periods of time. In this case, rather than queuing up, is better doing cardio exercise and have delightful bottles to queue. It silly! May be the operational manager should create a better arrangement of how to sort it out, perhaps providing a queuing card that can only be taken for those who are already in the gym say 30 minutes before the class begin.


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